Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is PropCatalyst/PropCat ?
PropCatalyst is an online platform ('Platform') that provides fractional ownership of pre-leased Grade 'A' commercial properties to prospective investors (together 'Property'). The platform PropCatalyst is managed by our company Wallfort Online Property Platform Private Limited ('Platform Company'). Through the platform, investors have the opportunity to invest in real estate. Investors can browse investments, review due diligence materials and sign legal documents. Once invested, investors have access to an investor dashboard, giving them 24/7 access to watch how their money is working for them.
2. What is fractional ownership of property ?
Fractional ownership divides the property into an affordable segment for ease of making property investment. A fractional ownership can be structured such that the title to a single property can be legally divided into smaller portions amongst different owners.
3. How is this different from a real estate investment trust ('REIT') ?
The Platform allows you to own specific properties in specific locations that are of your interest (choice and flexibility through contractual rights) rather than in a pool of properties across asset classes (office, retail or otherwise) and geographies like a REIT.
4. Why does the platform company focus on real estate ?
Our team has an experience of more than 2 decades with investment of more than $500 million in Indian real estate. We believe that commercial real estate offers a relatively safe and high post-tax returns in the form of rental yield and potential capital appreciation to investors as compared to similar investment opportunities. Generally, one can expect contractual yield + appreciation potential in the range of 14% to 17% which is higher than similar asset class.
5. What is a Grade "A" property ?
Grade-A properties are located in central business districts, are well managed with relatively better infrastructure and facilities and are compliant to suit the requirements of large corporate tenants.
6. Does the platform company recommend properties ?
The platform company simply identifies investment opportunities in pre-leased Grade 'A' commercial properties.
7. What is the platform's selection criteria ?
Primary criteria for determining the properties inter alia include (i) location, (ii) Grade 'A' building, (iii) expected entry price and future value, (iv) expected rental yield, (v) tenant and lease terms, (vi) clear title and other legal aspects.
8. How are new properties listed ?
The platform studies the current market forces and identifies specific properties that match our selection criteria. The properties that are suitable for investments are listed on the dashboard of our platform for soliciting the interest. Although, Platform will not provide any guarantee of any kind.
9. How will I know about new properties listed ?
Once you have registered with the Platform Company, we will share new listings with you by email and they will be available on the platform.


1. How do investors benefit ?
The investors benefit from accessibility to pre-leased Grade 'A' commercial property in lower ticket sizes, immediate cashflows by way of monthly return on investment and potential capital appreciation in the underlying property in future. Hassle free management of the property and tenants.
2. How do investors own the property ?
The property will be bought and registered in a private limited company ('SPV'). The interested investors ('Investors') of the particular Property will invest in a separate SPV and become owners of the underlying property through the SPV.
3. Do I need to be present for property registration ?
No, you don't have to be present for the registration process. However, the authorized representative / PoA holder of the SPV will have to be present.
4. Will the SPV manage the property ?
The property will be managed by a separate entity (for ease 'PMC'). The SPV will hand over the interface between investors and SPV / Property and day administration of the property, to the PMC. SPV and PMC shall execute a separate agreement. PMC will charge a nominal fee from the SPV for its services.
5. What are the specific services provided by the PMC ?
PMC may provide services such as (a) liaising of tenants for regular receipt of rentals, taxes, etc, (b) paying municipal taxes and common area maintenance charges, (c) ensuring timely payment of rentals and payout to the Fractional Owners (d) taxes, compliance and administrative services, and (e) finding new tenants, if need be.
6. What are PMC's fees and platform company's fees ?
PMC will annually charge a nominal fee on the terms set out in the property management agreement. Platform will charge a transfer fee of the transaction value for any subsequent secondary transfer of the instruments by the Fractional Owners. Separately, also, in case of termination of an existing lease and any subsequent new lease to be entered into, PMC shall charge a fee on the incremental rentals.
7. What are the minimum amounts for purchasing property ?
Investors have to subscribe a minimum of INR 20 Lakhs per property. The maximum limit is the specific property value.
8. Can a Non-resident Indian use the platform ?
Yes. As an NRI, you can own properties (on non-repatriation basis) through the Platform. However, your funds must be transferred from your NRE or NRO account in accordance with and in compliance with the foreign exchange regulations. Please consult your legal and financial advisor before investing.
9. Do you offer any guaranteed return ?
No, we do not guarantee any return.
10. When will rentals be paid ?
The frequency of the payout to investors is generally on a monthly basis subject to terms and conditions specified in the rental agreement executed between the tenant and SPV.
11. Are there any hidden charges ?
No. There are no hidden charges.
12. How can I exit or sell my investment ?
You can exit anytime you wish. There is no lock-in period for you investment. We have a resale platform which will help you in reselling.
13. What are the reporting standards and disclosures ?
We believe in 100% transparency in reporting. All property documents, rental agreements, tenancy details, legal reports and documents will be available for inspection.
14. How can I get specific questions answered on a particular property ?
We are always available, feel free to call or email our team or visit our office.
15. Can I schedule a site visit ?
Sure, drop us an email or give us call and we will try our best to schedule a visit for you as soon as possible.
16. How will I get taxed on my investment ?
Sure, drop us an email or give us call and we will try our best to schedule a visit for you as soon as possible.

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